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It really brings into question the status of a lot of westside lifters when most of them have never competed in a legitimate comp with legit judging. This book is a collection of training methods i have obtained through the past 30 years. The westside barbell method, also known as the conjugate method, was developed by louie simmons. The westsidebarbell conjugate method syatt fitness. Westside for skinny bastards program templates ws4sb. I recently sat down with former westside barbell and lexen extreme lifter, brandon lilly, to talk about how he would tweak conjugate periodization for a raw lifter. Use active westside barbell coupon codes and free westside barbell deals april 2020 to get the biggest discount. Westside barbell template working with the standard template by jim wendler for. Download westside barbell book of methods pdf files.

Burley hawk the westside method, also known as the conjugate. Building the bench press westside barbell style syatt. In westside, athletes are required to perform two max effort me days per week. Westside barbell made simple mark bell helps translate the westside method for the power project army. Westside barbell squat and deadlift manual louie simmons on. A comprehensive users guide to the westside barbell conjugate method for powerlifting, by worldrecord holder and coach jordan syatt. The westside barbell book of methods by louie simmons. The westside method incorporates 4 workouts per week, training. Click on image to access the given months content for free. That would be louie simmons place, the invitationonly westside barbell in columbus, ohio.

Seemingly every day i am accosted by one or more individuals and asked, jordan, i think ive hit a plateau, bro. This images was upload at november 28, 2018 upload by viviana k in excel spreadsheet. The westside barbell program should be looked at more as a set of training principles than a single workout program, a perspective that allows for considerable flexibility in program design. Louie simmons new ebook special strength development for. Theyve given out information and knowledge for free for over 30 years in order to better the sport of powerlifting and help reduce injuries and plateaus. The westside barbell philosophy challenges popular beliefs about the wa. Westside barbell system presentation weight training.

Westside training method louie simmons powerlifting method. There is a virtually endless list of exercises from which you can select your ancillary movements. By attaching bands to the top of the power rack or. Week 1 should be 15 to 20 sets of 3 reps with 45% of a contest max for time, week 2 with 50%, and week 3 with 55% and 23 less sets. Westside barbell program spreadsheet spreadsheet collections. The westside barbell conjugate method is perhaps the single best system designed to help trainees achieve their ultimate strength potential. Westside barbell training method for beginners fitness. By all accounts, its the worlds most hardcore powerlifting gym. Download louie simmons the westside barbell book of methods.

January 2018 february 2018 march 2018 april 2018 may 2018 june 2018 july 2018 august 2018 september 2018 october2018 november 2018 december 2018. In writing this article i solely aim to provide a reliable source of information which outlines how to use the westsidebarbell conjugate method this article will not be devoted to explaining the science or methodology behind conjugate method periodization. Simmons is a prolific writer and has written numerous articles, available free. The system is best known for its guidelines on exercise selection, periodization, and the use of. On speed day, use submaximal weights with maximal speed. Upper body and bench press related exercises in one day. To be clear, i am going to be focusing on his most recent release of the program also known as the cube boss method, cube kingpin, and cube 365 strong. Im not saying theyre weak either but when their lifts are never legit how can you call them champions and. Introduction the westside barbell program is the brainchild of powerlifter and strength coach louie simmons. I spent 12 years training with the wrong methods, one being the western. In writing this article i solely aim to provide a reliable source of information which outlines how to use the westside barbell conjugate method this article will not be devoted to explaining the science or methodology behind conjugate method periodization.

Westside has and will always be a home for strength and power athletes. This is an ebook this book is a collection of training methods i have obtained through the past 30 years. Breaking boundaries of athleticism via louie simmons education and patented equipment that are on the fringe of what is deemed possible. Simmons, himself a renowned powerlifter and strength coach, has not only amassed some of the strongest men and women in. The nfl use louie simmons westside training methods, but ohio state wont documentary bonus 1. For several decades, westside barbell has been the strongest gym in the world. Many times a coach with little experience under the bar will try to. To this day, the westside barbell book of methods is one of the most interesting works ive ever read on powerlifting. If your interested in conjugate westside periodization i suggest picking up the westside barbell book of methods and start reading his articles. Conjugate training is a method that brings together all aspects of training at the.

Conjugate method used with max effort method, switches up the lift used during max effort every 12 weeks to prevent cns fatigue. Box squats are easier to recover from than free squats. Ive heard it 435 different times and it never gets old. Here are some of his thoughtslower your percentages from what is outlined in articles or you will break down your body. Westside barbell is one of the most known gyms in the world, it was founded by the legend louis simmons, the father of the westsidebarbell conjugate systems, a training system derived from the studies of the soviets sport scientists. Sign up for our email and be the first who know our special offers. Westside barbell training incorporates 4 workouts per week. While inspired by westside barbell club, it is not affiliated with westside or louie simmons. Day 1 maxlifting deadliftsquat day 2 rest day 3 maxlifting bench press day 4 rest day 5 dynamic lifting for lower body day 6 rest day 7 dynamic lifting for upper. Dynamiceffort days find powerlifters racking up a certain amount of volume by moving percentages of their max very quickly in small sets, usually with additional resistance added to the bar in the form of bands andor chains.

The conjugate method is a term and methodology made most popular by louie simmons, owner of the westside barbell club and the creator of what has become known as the westside method of training. Louis has developed and popularized a system of training named after the westside barbell gym, sometimes referred to as the conjugate method. Since conjugate periodization was popularized for powerlifting by louie simmons of westside barbell, my first instinct when writing this program was to do what everyone else seems to and call it westside for novices. Before i begin its important for me to clarify what i aim to accomplish through writing this article. I find that i always feel very fresh when i take the box away and free. This article represents a description of the westside barbell techniques at the time of this writing. Simmons programming is commonly referred to as the westside method, after westside barbell, which is simmons gym. Maligned by many and achieving cultlike status by others, the conjugate method was set up by the great louie simmons and his gym westside barbell is known as the worlds strongest gym. Developed by louie simmons, westsides conjugate method incorporates the maximal effort method, dynamic effort method, and repetition method within a. They recommend such strategies as doing reps to failure to eliminate assistance work and doing only the squat, bench press, and deadlift. Westside for skinny bastards a modified lifting westside barbell book of methods pdf download. Since louie started publishing his articles on his methodologies in power lifting usa back in the 1990s, the methods grew wildly in popularity. The conjugate method by westside barbell beast blog.

The westside barbell system continues to evolve under the guidance of coach simmons. Westside for skinny bastards a modified lifting program for hardgainers by joe defranco this article originally appeared on. Wave the weight from 45 to 55% of your 1rm free squat over 3 weeks. The programs principles are borrowing from soviet and bulgarian weightlifting training techniques and ingeniously adapted to powerlifting. Check out westsides evergrowing archive of trainingrelated articles, blogs, and videos at if youre confused or uncertain about any aspect of westside training, the website will provide you with the knowledge that will set you straight. Lifting heavy is only one part of the westside barbell method. The program is geared for general strength enthusiasts, from high school students to working professionals. Along with being one of the most accomplished power lifters of all time, westside barbell founder louie simmons is perhaps even better known for his vast knowledge and innovative, scientific approach to strength training. The similarities of the westside conjugate system to the one devised by the soviets at the dynamo club are obvious.

The wide variety of special exercises will perfect form. Here you can find westside barbell book of methods pdf shared files. The standard template there is a great story from dave about how the standard template originated. Westside barbell is an invitation only training facilityliving laboratory pushing the boundaries of athletic performance under the guidance of louie simmons. I spent 12 years training with the wrong methods, one being the western periodization that is a dead end street. Shane sweatt and elite powerlifter laura phelpssweatt explain. I use a 3 week wave system which leads into circa max and delayed transformation. It seems everyone has their own, which they devised on the basis of their own experience. When i first started training my bench skyrocketed but it hasnt improved in months. For the love of god, dont bench out of your technique. Conjugate periodization the westside model catalyst. Westside barbell, the gym, has produced more multiply world record holders than any other single gym in the history of powerlifting.

Article by louie simmons there is much talk about training philosophies, methods, and methodologies. Legendary powerlifter louie simmons explains the methods that have brought success and records to westside barbell lifters. Westside for skinny bastards is not a powerlifting program. Feel free to make exercise substitutions if needed, but make sure the new exercise is similar enough to accomplish a. Dynamic method accelerating 5060pct of a max as quickly as possible to achieve a greater amount of force fma max effort method using 90pct or more of a max. Description download the westside barbell book of methods by louie simmons free in pdf format. Westside barbell book of methods simmons, louie on. Science has proven that training at a 90% or above for 3 weeks will cause physical and mental fatigue. Westside for skinny bastards a modified lifting program. As a world renowned lifter himself, he squatted 920lbs after reaching his half century, which we can all agree isnt anyones physical peak. Do you looking for other post about westside barbell book of methods pdf, westside barbell certification, westside barbell club trainingsplan, westside barbell club workout, westside barbell conjugate method template. I decided against using the westside name in the title of the program.

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